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Apartment Building, Restaurant, Auto Body Repair Shop or Rooming House, full documentation or stated documentation, perfect or problem credit, every loan request has different needs. We always encourage borrowers to pursue full documentation programs for the best rates and terms, with our Stated Income/Stated Asset programs as your secondary options. Please explore these programs to determine which suits your situation.


Premium Multi-Family and Commercial Property Program
Starting at 6.50%.  This full documentation program offers our best rate and terms from $200,000 to $5,000,000. And, with NO RECOURSE, NO minimum credit scoring, and a 25 year amortization, we’ll shame your commercial bank. Learn more...
Stated Income/Stated Asset Multi-Family and Commercial Property Program

Starting at 8.25%. This SISA product does not require tax returns, yet still offers attractive terms from $75,000 to $1,500,000. Learn more...

Gas Station (and other “Owner Occupied” property) Financing

An attractive program for challenging transactions, featuring low rates, a 25 year term, emphasis on real estate value (not tax returns), and CREDIT SCORES AS LOW AS 500. Learn more…

EasyClose Commercial Property Program
This Stated Income/Asset documentation program is our most flexible program for difficult transactions from $25,000 to $750,000. It is often utilized as an attractive alternative to “hard money” or “private money” programs. A 25 year fixed rate term is available. Learn more...
Non-Conforming Construction/Rehab Financing
If you want to purchase, rehab, and sell foreclosed real estate, or purchase land and construct a “spec” house for sale, this private money acquisition/construction program is fast, professional, and requires NO CREDIT REPORT and NO PERSONAL FINANCIAL DOCUMENTATION. Learn more…



200 Sutton Street • Suite 235 • North Andover, Massachusetts • 01845
Phone: 800.684.4490   Cell: 978.758.2186    Fax: 978.296.3473

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